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This is where the sun shines at Christmas!

Would you rather celebrate Christmas in the sun than at home in the cold this year? There are few places where you can go for a sun, sea and beach holiday in December!

A cocktail in your hand, a book and the ocean in the background. Yes, this can be your Christmas holiday too!

Petit Hotel Natura in Gran Canaria is the perfect destination if you want to enjoy the sun at Christmas and don't want to travel too far. In about 4.5 hours flying time, you can be in sunny Gran Canaria! With an average temperature of 26 degrees, you can enjoy the sun and there are plenty of activities to do.

Can you see yourself with a sangria in your hand, lying on a sun bed by the heated salt water pool or relaxing in the jacuzzi?

Average temperature in December: 26 degrees

Petit Hotel Natura is a beautiful winter sun destination. With an average temperature of 26 degrees, the island is a great place to be. Visit nice places, go into the mountains for beautiful views and relax in the sun. We bet that many of your friends and acquaintances will be jealous when you tell them that you spent your winter holiday at Petit Hotel Natura. Prefer a cocktail at the pool bar to a hot chocolate in the snow? We have the perfect destination. So fly to the sun this winter, in just 4.5 hours!