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Do you also want to experience the summer feeling in the autumn?

After a fantastic and sometimes even a bit too warm summer, the late season has started again. Especially in the autumn and winter you can enjoy pleasant temperatures and plenty of sun at our unique boutique resort Petit Natura on Gran Canaria, all within a few hours' flight.

Thanks to the always blooming and carefully maintained garden, you can imagine yourself in a tropical natural paradise even in the fall. Everywhere you look you see brightly colored flowers, plants, shrubs and palm trees all year round.

Our garden is a place where you can relax and where you can leave your busy and hectic life behind. Back to nature, but with all the comforts and luxury within reach.

“As the day of departure approaches, we feel a little sad. It's like leaving behind a company of friends. Fortunately, there is the comforting realization that this paradise spot is only a short flight away from rainy Belgium.”

Heated swimmingpool

Our pool is heated, so the water is always a pleasant temperature. Thanks to the salty water, you can enjoy softer and healthier water without a strong chlorine smell, skin irritation and sore eyes.

There are sunbeds with umbrellas at the pool and in the pool bar you can enjoy unlimited (free) drinks during the day, such as coffee, tea, various house wines, cold beer on tap, soft drinks and fruit juices.

Roof terrace with plenty of sun

On our roof terrace we have several cozy seats with comfortable lounge sofas in the sun and in the shade, so plenty of space to relax. Also in the autumn, our roof terrace is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the Canary sun all day long.

Always enough space to put down your towel, that's not a competition with us in the morning…

Not like in many other accommodations…

Pleasant temperatures all year round

Petit Hotel Natura is the perfect destination for a holiday in the sun all year round. With an average temperature of 26 degrees it is wonderful to stay on the island. We bet that everyone will get jealous when they see how you enjoyed the sun at Petit Hotel Natura, while it was raining again?

Would you rather have a Sangria or cold beer at the pool bar than a hot chocolate by the stove after a bleak autumn walk? Book your holiday at Petit Natura now and imagine a wonderful, relaxing and above all sunny holiday!